Sui Ecosystem Airdrop

Sui has recently stated that there is no plan to launch an airdrop. However, projects that build on Sui remain open! Here’s an Sui ecosystem airdrop guidelines.

Sui Network is an L1 PoS blockchain, which has the capability of smart contracts. The Sui Network project is the work by Mysten Labs, a company created by former employees in Meta’s Libra project. Sui helps developers and creators to develop experiences for the coming billion Web 3 users.

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Sui is Sui is a PoS chain, members can be awarded rewards for joining the network. Learn more about Sui to know more about it: link
Many were hoping for an airdrop in order to gain some of the potential successful of SUI. But the Sui team has recently announced their news, revealing that there would not be an airdrop. Link

While there isn’t any plans to receive an airdrop from Sui however, we do know that some of the projects being built on SUI will be receiving an airdrop, which will give the indirect exposure of Sui! Airdrops that aren’t verified however, we’ve provided steps to help place you to be eligible

Kriya DEX The the fastest derivatives exchange available on-chain offering leveraged 20x perps as well as options!

Steps To Take:

  • Test your eligibility by using swaps and supplying liquidity to improve the chances of being eligible
  • It’s also good for you to sign up on Discord. Discord
OmniBTC = OmniSwap + OmniLending + OmniBridge

Steps To Take:

  • Through the test dApp, you can initiate swaps, and test the OmniBridge as well as the supply of LP tokens in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining eligibility
  • It’s also good for you to sign up on the Discord
Suiswap – swaps platform built on Sui however, testnet hasn’t been launched

Steps To Take:

  • As SuiSwap is still in the early stages, the best way to get involved is to sign up for SuiSwap’s Discord and watch for the opportunities
MovEX will be the initial DEX that runs on Sui. Recently, they revealed the Concentrated Liquidity AMM that is now live.

Steps To Take:

  • Through testnet, start swaps and offer liquidity
  • It’s also good for you to sign up on Discord. Discord

The most important factor in determining airdrops’ eligibility is usually the interactions with the project during the beginning stages of development. Here are a few projects that could qualify to consider for NFT Maxi, or Degen.

Ballast is an infrastructure project of DeFi based on Sui. They recently announced ways to get $BLT through the upcoming airdrop.
Steps to Follow: link

Collections of NFT:

NFT market: BlueMoveNFT
Sui domain service: Sui Names
Sui is currently on Testnet Wave 1, indicating the likelihood of to see Sui’s full launch Sui. Aptos competitors: link
Alpha is possible by keeping an eye on potential airdrops that are coming up in the most expected ecosystems. For information regarding Sui’s Sui blockchain, check out the following websites: Sui Analytics and Sui Station.

Sui is a cryptocurrency that is able to run smart contracts that were built using Move, an programming language that is based on Rust and originally developed at Meta.

Visit the wallet for testnet, navigate towards the apps tab and then click Mint an NFT. Then, you'll need to use DApps to make transactions which is why you should visit your testnet account, go to the Apps tab, then click on to open the "Got Beef" DApp, and then make bets. Then, you'll need to make a transaction with two wallets.

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