Ancient Raid – $30,000 NFT Mega Airdrop

Ancient Raid is a virtual world of fantasy characters for Play-To-Earn (P2E) Gaming with NFT. The game is comprised of Heroes and Warriors who are constantly in a fight for survival against Demon Hordes that threaten to conquer the Earth. Make your team and take on the Demons to get rewards, enhance your character, and gain useful items within our game of strategy that offers thousands of possibilities for outcomes. The players can earn money through:

  • By defeating Demon Hordes, you can gain rewards for RAID and BUSD.
  • Selling/trading NFTs in the Marketplace.
  • We have won the special event NFT that includes a randomly awarded BUSD prizes.
  • Farming RAID tokens
  • Staking RAID tokens
Find out more information about us by reading our complete whitepaper*

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The $RAID token principal token used by Ancient Raid, and accessible through BSC Networks. The supply is limited to 300,000,000. Thanks to activating the burning process the current supply is 274,405,529.

RAID can be used to support an NFT Mint as well as the in-house Marketplace as well as in-game transactions, and the in-game reward.

Ancient Raid with have advertisement partnership and expansions that make a community stronger and, as a result increasing the profits of the game. Since it is a unique system of reward, Ancient Raid will have an environment that is healthy. Through the revenue generated from diverse sources The team has pledged to offer each week a token burn, and buyback of tokens.

3 – Ancient Raid Airdrop Campaign – 1,200 NFT

Date: November 25th, 2022 – December 15th, 2022

Please follow the instructions below to sign up:

an) Include Ancient Raid to your wishlist in CMC: CMC Watchlist
B) Follow Ancient Raid CMC Community: CMC Community
C) Follow us on twitter: Twitter

4 – Winner Announcement and Reward Distribution

The winners  announced on the Ancient Raid CMC Airdrop Page within 14 days after the end of the airdrop. Connect to one of the official channels if have any queries.

The NFT reward  distributed to the BNBChain wallet address which users entered in CMC Airdrop. CMC Airdrop program. The rewards will be given out after 14 days from the CMC Airdrop campaign ending.

Total Winner : 1,200
Total NFT: 1,200
Numerical Value of the FFT: Min $25 worth of $RAID

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